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Business Incentive Programs

There are a number of local, regional and Provincial programs that have been established to help businesses that are looking to expand or for new business start-ups.  There are a couple of resources below that might be helpful.

Logan Lake Tax Exemption Revitalization Program

As of 2013 the District of Logan Lake is offering a Revitalization Tax Exemption Program. Essentially the program provides tax exemptions to commercial and industrial land owners as an incentive to develop their land.  This program is focused on incenting existing land owners to improve existing buildings.  There are three different zones for the tax exemptions program, the Industrial Investment Zone, the Commercial Improvement Zone and the Commercial Development Zone.  Each zone has a different level of incentives tailored specifically to the needs of the property that falls into each zone. To find out which zone your property is in and much more about the program check out the Revitalization Tax Exemption Program Bylaw (c)

Provincial Programs

Trade & Invest BC Incentives, Tax Credits & Refunds

Civic Info BC

Northern Development Initiative Trust Business Incentives

Sun Country Community Futures

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