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Road Maintenance & Snow Removal

It is the intent of the District of Logan Lake to maintain the downtown mall area, streets, sidewalks and pathways within the District of Logan Lake in a safe and passable manner at a reasonable cost to the taxpayer and therefore the following policy shall be implemented: 

Removal of Snow


  • Weekdays – plowed when snowfall exceeds 75mm (3 inches)
  • Weekends – plowed when snowfall exceeds 100mm (4 inches)  

Mall Area

  • Weekdays – plowed when snowfall exceeds 75mm (3 inches)
  • Saturday – plowed when snowfall exceeds 100mm (4 inches)


  • Weekdays – plowed when snowfall exceeds 75mm (3 inches) 
  • Plowed on weekends when snowfall exceeds 75mm (3 inches)


  • Walkways are cleared when snowfall exceeds 100mm (4 inches)
  • Saturday & Sunday – NOT PLOWED ON WEEKENDS

All above snow removal procedures will be done according to the outlined priority list below.  

Removal of Snow Priorities List

(1) Mall Parking Lot and Fire Department Parking and Major Roads

Major Roads

  • Chartrand Avenue
  • Beryl Drive
  • Gowan Drive
  • Jasper Drive
  • Opal Drive
  • Ponderosa Avenue
  • Poplar Drive
  • Ard Righ Road
  • Linden Road

(2) Collector Roads, Hills & Sidewalks

  • Birch Crescent
  • Topaz Crescent
  • Alder Drive
  • Basalt Drive
  • Calcite Drive
  • Galena Avenue

Sidewalk/Walkway Priorities

  1. Inner Mall Walkway and Surrounding Sidewalks(including District office)
  2. Galena Sidewalk
  3. Opal Sidewalk
  4. Chartrand Sidewalk
  5. Elementary School Walkway
  6. Truck and Shovel Walkway
  7. Jasper Sidewalk
  8. Topaz Sidewalk
  9. Ponderosa Sidewalk
  10. Poplar Sidewalk
  11. Ponderosa Walkway
  12. Lower Trailer Court Walkway
  13. Peridot Sidewalk
  14. Topaz/Alder Apartment Walkway
  15. Lake Walkway
  16. Chartrand/Emerald Walkway
  17. Beryl Walkway – Top and Bottom
  18. Birch/High School Walkway
  19. Copper Court Walkway
  20. Cemetery Walkway
  21. Cenotaph Sidewalk

(3) Minor Roads & Recreation Centre

(4) Cul-de-sacs and dead-ends

(5) Low Priority Roads

  • Campground Road
  • Cemetery Road
  • Lower Ball Field Road
  • Pump house Road
  • Ski Trail Road

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