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Garbage & Recycling

The District of Logan Lake implemented an Automated Garbage Collection system in 2009 that has completely changed the face of solid waste services.  Gone are the days of back breaking manual collection where workers were exposed daily to the hazards that come with a hands on service.  The automated system picks up the garbage containers; has reduced the risk of injury to workers; and reduced the collection time substantially.

Bear Education: Living in Wildlife Country

How we manage our living space has a great deal of influence on the amount of human-wildlife conflict we experience. While wildlife may need to pass through our living space, if we provide food, water, shelter and space, they may linger too long near our homes and this can lead to undesirable consequences both for us and the animals.

Please contact the District if you would like to discuss how you can protect your home from wildlife further. More information is available at

Our Bylaw and Animal Enforcement Officer does regular patrols for bear attractants and will enforce bylaw contraventions. This may include warnings, municipal tickets, or further investigative action by the BC Conservation Officer Service.

Purchasing New Garbage Cans

Bear Proof Garbage Can$200
New Garbage Can$100

Residents of single family dwellings are no longer required to provide their own solid waste containers.  The District issues each residence one durable 250 liter (65 US Gallon) molded plastic container, with the option of a second container on written request, for an additional annual fee of $200.  Multi-family dwellings are provided with 1,135 liter (300 US Gallon) containers.  Each container remains the property of the District; is marked with an identification number; with replacement costs borne by the property owner(s), should the container be lost or damaged through negligence.  In addition, bear resistant hardware can be purchased and installed from the District office for a fee of $100.00.  If you have any questions regarding the Automated Garbage Collection system, please contact the District office at 250-523-6225 or via email.

Garbage & Recycling Pick-up Schedule

Our Solid Waste Removal and Disposal Bylaw 835, 2018 provides regulations on solid waste disposal, collection, hazardous waste, composting and recycling and may assist you in understanding our procedures and goals for solid waste management.

Recycling collection containers should be placed at the curb between 5:00 and 7:00 am on the date of collection, as identified below:
Solid Waste collection containers should be placed at the curb between 7:00 am and 10:00 am on the date of collection, as identified below:

Note: Garbage will be picked up following recycling container pick-ups.
Note: By no means are solid waste or recycling containers to be put out on the night before pick-up.

Tuesday:Commercial and apartment blocks
Wednesday:  Acreage’s (Ard Righ, Gowan, Thrissel, Lea Rig), Agate, Basalt, Calcite, Copper, Garnet, Granite, Jade, Jasper, Jasper to Peridot, Linden, Marble, Opal, Peridot, Sapphire, Topaz Crescent
Thursday:Alder, Amber, Amethyst, Aralia, Ash, Aspen, Beryl, Birch, Breccia, Cedar, Chestnut, Cinnibar, Daladon, Dogwood (All), Emerald, Galena, Juniper, Ponderosa, Topaz
Friday:Commercial: second-pickup customers and apartment blocks

If you have any questions regarding the garbage pickup schedule, please contact the District office at 250-523-6225 or

Curb-side Recycling

The District of Logan Lake has implemented automated curb-side recycling. Please download the following attachments for more information including allowable contents in Containers.

TNRD Eco-Depot

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