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Jul 26, 2022

Beat the Heat!

With hot weather approaching make sure you know the risks and where you can find help if you need it.
During heat warnings, it’s important to check in on loved ones and neighbours (especially seniors) to make sure they’re staying hydrated and spending time in cool spaces. If you live alone, it’s smart to have a buddy who can check in on you.

Heat-related illness can occur in homes that aren’t able to stay cool during extreme heat events. Plan ahead by identifying places in your community you can visit to get cool, such as libraries, shopping malls, or community cooling centres. If there is an extreme heat event, the District has a cooling centre plan in place. If you would like more information on this, please contact the District of Logan Lake.

A few basic modifications to your home can make a big difference during periods of extreme heat:|

  • Install a window air conditioner in at least one room;
  • Install thermal curtains or window coverings;
  • Keep a digital thermometer available to accurately measure indoor temperatures (31o or higher is dangerous for vulnerable people);
  • Have fans available to help move cooler air indoors during the late evening and early morning hours;
  • Install a heat pump.

Most importantly stay safe! If you are worried about keeping cool, or worried about a loved one, contact us to help find you the resources that you need.

Learn more:

For current heat advisories in place for the Interior Region, please visit:

For more information please visit

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