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Current Emergency Alerts

Evacuation Orders & Alerts

When an Evacuation Order is issued, you must leave the area immediately. Follow the directions of local emergency officials and evacuate using the route(s) they’ve identified. Do not return home until you’ve been advised that the Evacuation Order has been rescinded.

When an Evacuation Alert is issued, this is the time to get prepared to leave your home on short notice. Get your grab-and-go bags ready (which should include several days of clothing, toiletries and medications), your emergency plan, copies of important documents and important mementos).

Active Orders and Alerts

All active evacuation order and evacuation alert notices issued by the District of Logan Lake are listed below.

Please note that the District only has jurisdiction to issue emergency notices for properties within the municipal boundaries. For information regarding emergencies in other jurisdictions, such as First Nations or Regional Districts, please refer to the respective local government.

Active Orders and Alerts
There are no Evacuation Alerts or Orders

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